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Poll: How can I get my ex boyfriend back I messed up with him and I love him with all my heart and soul?

Please help me and please I need a lot of answers PLEASE

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20 Responses to “Poll: How can I get my ex boyfriend back I messed up with him and I love him with all my heart and soul?”

  1. Xtra B said:

    Go to singles section we have no sympathy here

  2. Dog Owner said:

    Tell him your evil twin did those bad things and this is the real you.

  3. Formerly known as Jennifer Jeter said:

    Tell him what you just told me.

    Tell him you screwed up and you love him with all your heart and soul.

  4. -Lucy♥. said:

    Singles & dating? =P

  5. gators little gator said:

    you need to get over him,dont mean to be harsh but theres a reason why hes your ex………………hes obviously moved on

  6. Roxy Peaches.♥ said:

    If you “love” him so much, You wouldn’t have done anything to jeopardize your relationship.
    Grow up, And welcome to life.

  7. green said:

    tell him your sorry (this depends on what you did)
    you’ll never do what you did ever again, or you’ll never act the way you did ever again..etc…
    really truely mean than you are sorry and tell him how you feel
    and tell him how much he means to you…
    but remember you have to mean every word you say

  8. Elyk said:

    Well that sucks. The best thing you coul do is say sorry. And let him know you love him. Although I’m sure he knows.

  9. Stacie said:

    Tell him what you told us. And apologize to him sincerely and ask him to please give you a second chance. Tell him you never meant to hurt him. Make him a promise that you won’t hurt him again. Most importantly, follow through on that promise.

  10. mirablue23 said:

    You should talk to him and see if the damage can be repaired. I would be able to help you more if you gave a little more detail. Try a different section, like singles and dating or marriage and divorce. the people there give great answers.

  11. H X said:

    Move on. Ex’s are ex’s for a reason.

    Trust me, this is something I know all too much about. I used to think I could get back with my ex because I loved her and she loved me. It will only end badly for you.

  12. ja77 said:

    Take some time, thing it over. Then if you really, really, think it’s a good idea, sit down and talk.
    You did not mention the circumstances, but if you parted, you probably did it for the right reasons. Don’t reunite because you are lonely for a week or two. Know what you are doing, and get back together for the right reason. Don’t forget, there are 50 billion guys in the world. Eventually, you will meet about one- half of them. Can you do better?
    Enjoy the day!

  13. Little Mamma said:

    Tell him you screwed up and you love him with all your heart and soul.

  14. Tigger said:


  15. Crizzy said:

    the best thing is to tell him how you feel!!! dont worry about how things turn out… just confess and hoep everything turns out ok…

    p.s. ask him out to a place to talk

  16. Nick said:

    Unlike what Xtra B said, I think you will find sympathy here from some of us who have loved and lost.
    I guess my advice is to be sure for yourself, and to explain to him, why whatever the problem was that made you two split up, will be fixed and will not come up again.
    You don’t want to repeat patterns, and if the problem hasn’t been addressed, it will come back to bite you.
    And my advice is to admit to whatever part of this was your fault…..I’m not saying take all the blame, but at least admit where you’re wrong.

    I wish you the best.

  17. cosha said:

    it depends on what u did

  18. kay said:

    just explain to him that you screwed up and you love him

  19. Dan Jordan32 said:

    tell him we all make mistakes and mess up in life sometimes but that you need him in your life and tell him you feel so bad and promise him you’ll never do it again.

  20. Jennifer Garcia AKA Gummy bear said:

    well it sounds like you are seriously in love with this guy so tell him your sorry and tell him you love him. then prove to him that you do love him. and never screw up again


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