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How do i get my ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend?

My ex boyfriend and me dated for 14mos. things were going really good until he told me he wanted to take a break and that we could be friends with benefits. And now a couple weeks later he has a new girlfriend. so i don’t know what i should do. i mean i love him and i just need a little help as to what to do. should i wait for him or just move on?

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6 Responses to “How do i get my ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend?”

  1. kelso said:


  2. johnnyweb10 said:


    Ok first of all, you need to remind him of what he was attracted to in the first place, I mean, he obviously liked you if you were dating for 14 months, maybe things have changed a bit and you just need to “refresh” his memory.

    Of course, you should be subtle about this, I mean, you’re just trying to remind him of what a great “catch” you are, if you know what I mean but do it in a way that he won’t realise you’re actually trying to.

    It sounds a little complicated, however, it’s actually not hard. Check out the link below for a better explanation…

  3. Desipm said:

    I think you should move on. He obviously has done it already.
    If you insist on wanted him back you can check this website if you want to:

  4. sororitychick said:

    Actually Im sorta in the same perdicament. Except I have had a boyfriend for 2 years now after my ex. My ex also has had a gf since we broke up. Today I saw him at a redlight and he talked me. No I went into depressed mode and do not even want to see my boyfriend tonight. I really want my ex back now. Dont know what to do

  5. Sarah B said:


    First, I understand where you’re coming from.

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  6. mstngpride2 said:


    Unlike these other people I’m not going to sit here and show so called working products down your throat.. it just isn’t right; however there is still a possibility that you can get your ex boyfriend back.

    Approach your boyfriend casually, maybe do something to make him jealous – even remind him about the great times you two used to have.

    These little things will get him thinking and let him re-plan the situation.

    If these things don’t quite work, I have written a review of some things I have used to get my ex back, I’m sure they can help you – click the link below to find out more of my story & how it can help you.


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