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Anybody know any love spells i can cast to get my ex boyfriend back?

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5 Responses to “Anybody know any love spells i can cast to get my ex boyfriend back?”

  1. Walking on Sunshine said:

    Just look great and happy every time he sees you. Don’t make a deal of the break and he will become intrigued. Then once he asks you what changed say you realized how much of your life you were both missing out on.

  2. hairspray1400 said:

    you actually believe in that stuff? u must be younger than i thought. just look pretty and try to flirt with him. and if he really loves you he will get back with u. good luck!

  3. Michelle said:

    using magick on anyone without their permission is interfering with their free will. And maybe you should look at the relationship to begin with. Maybe he isn’t right for you and getting him back would be worse. What’s wrong with just moving on?

  4. LORD Z said:

    You don’t need a spell. You are the spell. Now bind him with your desire and enchant him with your love.

  5. drakke1 said:

    Magick is real, of course, and isn’t really anything strange, merely, rather, working with natural energies with appropriate knowledge of their properties.

    Trying to control and/or manipulate others via such means is viewed as “dark”, and undesirable for many reasons.

    Perhaps you should just get on with your life, or choose more appropriate means for “winning him back”? :)))


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