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how to get a ex girlfriend back when she likes someone else?

my girlfriend broke up with me cuz i was a ass. so i gave her a few days then asked if we could work it out,and she said maybe. So i give her a few more days then asked can we talk and fix things and she said no and she likes someone else. how do i show her i care and i want to fix thing in the future? i want to get her back.

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2 Responses to “how to get a ex girlfriend back when she likes someone else?”

  1. Jackie said:

    Well, I guess you should of not been an a**. But since you were, all you can do is move on. Maybe she won’t last with this guy, and come back to you.

  2. .:abbys answers:. said:

    if she really does like someone else and has moved on then u should too because there is not really any use to trying at the moment, unless SHE realizes she wants you back. But dont pressure it, just act calm about everything dont even bring up relationship stuff to her. But maybe she is just pretending to like someone else to get you to learn a lesson, if so tell her how you feel but ONLY in that case.


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