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how do i get my ex boyfriend back with me? and how do i know if he still likes me?

How do i get him back?
i want my ex back we broke up in nov? & we had been a couple since may 27th 2008. he has a girlfriend now. but im really jealous about it. & also she was one of my friends but now i cant trust her. and they kiss and everything in front of me i really do love him and want him back how can i?

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6 Responses to “how do i get my ex boyfriend back with me? and how do i know if he still likes me?”

  1. Diva said:

    don’t worry about him. he is an EX there is a reason why he is an EX. leave him in the past and find someone better. and as for your friend don”t be friends with her ever. you don’t need them two. you deserve better.

    GOOD LUCK : )

  2. Gusbwu D said:

    Are you really sure you want him back. Look at the reason you broke up. You may be just feeling a little lonely, It happens so don’t feel bad

    Maybe if looking back it wasn’t so good then move on other wise there are many guides on the net to help get them back.

    This one is popular. I see it quite a bit
    Majic of Making Up

    Here is a link to an article I ran accross on the subject.

    The other thing to think about is how will you handle your friend.
    Even though you might get him back there will be even more tension between you.

    She doesn’t at this point care what you think and neither does he
    He may or may not be worth it.

    Good luck

  3. James Phoenix said:

    You’re in a difficult situation right now. First you need to decide whether you TRULY want your ex back or if you simply want him to want you. If you know that really want to be with him then it’s possible to win him back if you play your cards right.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the other girl too much. Although I know it hurts you remember that you and he have a longer history together and this can work in your favor.

    Don’t push him away further by calling him constantly, spying on him, begging him to take you back, or getting emotional with him. These, things will most likely make him disrespect you or feel sorry for you, instead of feeling attracted to you.

    To make him long for you again you MUST appear as if you have moved on, he means nothing to you anymore, and that you’re happy without him. Don’t TELL him this, SHOW it to him in a subtle way…he’ll notice.

    Letting go of the strings that make someone feel bound to you is absolutely the best way to get them to return to you.

  4. spiderfan1980 said:

    If you want him back you need to lag off of him for a bit. I know it hurts to see him with this other girl but it is probably a rebound that wont last at all. Be his friend in the moment but dont pressure his current relationship by any means he might end up resenting you for it. Be his friend and be happy around him. He might actually come back to you if you play your cards right.

  5. andrea♥aka J lover said:

    Me nd my ex broked up in june nd got together in may we were only together for a month but I still love him nd I have a feeling that he still loves me too but I think he just doesn’t want to get back with me because his to cool to say how he really feels but I hear he still talks about me nd in myspace he has me in his tops so I think I’m just gonna keep trying nd not give up on him♥

  6. jenny garcia said:

    well I’m goin through the same thing it really sucks and hurts but maybe you just want him back b-cuz you are jealous and you kno he is not urs i still am trying to tell him how i feel bout him even though he got a gurl but losing him as a friend is a risk i will take


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