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How to get my ex girlfriend back, and should I?

Me and my ex broke up months ago, we haven’t talk until last night. We talk online about once or twice but not on phone. Anyway to make a long story short she has a boyfriend living with him and she says she loves him. But as sound as we get on the phone we get into it and have phone sex because it was real late at night. Does this mean anything she says it doesn’t but why have phone sex with someone especially if your with someone else? Please someone help me out

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9 Responses to “How to get my ex girlfriend back, and should I?”

  1. Pily said:

    she’s your X man get over it

  2. Sheng Thao said:

    I think it’s time to move on

  3. Slowmoveguy said:

    NO! I did this too. Dude I’m like a week ahead of you. Avoid her it only gets worst. I had sex with my ex after we broke up. It only gets worst if there is a man involved. Keep an arms leight away and don’t go to deep with loving her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ? said:

    she’s probably sore with her current bf and trying to make him angry or jealous.. but obviously u shouldnt let this continue as you sounded like your being used for her own pleasure..and who knows, she is probably having him doing things on the other end..move on, man!

  5. Binx said:

    Hmmm girls are bad like this and it’s not that uncommon. Here’s my take on it for what it’s worth. She probably does really care for this guy but the realationship is new and she doesnt know if it’s gonna last for ever so she needs her back up guy to make her feel secure (that would be you) She had phone sex with you to keep you interested and she says it doesnt mean anything to keep her new realationship safe. It sucks and it’s not a nice thing to do but girls do it. If you wanna hang about, and she breaks up with this guy, and she doesnt find someone else then you could probably hook up again for a while until you break up again for the same old reasons. If I were you I’d concentrait on trying to move on and not having a real lot of contact with her.

  6. Belinda said:

    Yes, you should try to get her back. And don’t feel disheartened right now – I know a lot of people who have got their ex back. You have to think and plan it in the right way and execute your plan. There is no reason that you should not be successful – people do it and people will do it.

    This would help you:

  7. michelle said:

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  9. Jafety said:

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