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Is it possible to get your ex girlfriend back?

We’ve broken up two months ago. She met someone on the internet and she can’t stop talking to him. He even calls her on the phone.
She told me that she has no other man, and that she feels that we are not destend to be together.
But I know that she still loves me, because she told me. And I’m werry sad. I will like to have her back.
What should I do?

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15 Responses to “Is it possible to get your ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Felix said:

    Move on. She’s missing out.

  2. brittie said:

    You have to understand that you can’t just magically get her back. You have to let her new relationship play out, and if it doesn’t work out, then you have a chance with her again.

  3. Katie said:

    Anything is possible. But, for the time being I would move on. At the least, you’re probably annoying her. At the worst she could accuse you of stalking and you can get into serious trouble.

    Also, it came across as if you thought of her as an object. You need to respect her feelings and listen to what she tells you, not what you want to think. I hope that didn’t come across the wrong way.

    Again, anything is possible. Just give her some space.

  4. questionable person said:

    hey buddy if you focus on her alot you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it good luck me and my girlfriend broke up and 3 months later we got back and are happier than ever she probely wants space it isnt like she is gonna marry the dude she met over the internet she just wants to get to know him now all you gotta do is ingore the dude and make yourself intresting to her good luck and may the force be with you lol

  5. jen said:

    have some self respect.
    if you take her back after she dumped you for some one else, she’ll walk all over you… move on, as hard as it is

  6. yasmine c said:

    The best thing to do in a situation like this is not to rush things, don’t be to clingy almost act like you don’t want her back she will then start to miss you and realize what she had, i would even get a close female friend a woman always wants a man another woman wants.

  7. redx#77 said:

    you should try to get her back if you trully love and if she still loves you will probably start dating again

  8. Jess said:

    i dont think shes into you if she said that your not destend to be together
    How do you know she still loves you? she might like you but like i said she would probly not say that your not ment to be together if she loved you.

    Please re-think what you know
    i know this might sound mean but honestly dude,
    but hey, you never know untill you try,

    please can you answer my question now that i have answered yours.

    thanx heaps

  9. melanie s said:

    talk is cheap. if she loves you why is she wasting time talking to that other dude? you still have a chance with her since there’s still communication going on. it just won’t happen right away but possibly later in the future. if she doesn’t want to be in a relationship don’t push her/beg her cause then she’ll want to back away from you even more. give her alittle bit of space and time to think things over on her own. if she loves you she will definitely want to come back. if she doesn’t you’ll have to get over her as best as you can and move on to someone else.

  10. Coco said:

    who meets people over the internet? That sounds pretty dodge to me bro.

    Who does internet dating anyway? That sounds pretty desperate. Is she ugly or something?

    Ok so she told you she loves you… even though she’s talking to some unknown over the net. That’s confusing. Tell her that.

    Tell her if she loves you give it another try. Otherwise, there’s PLENTY of fish in the sea… or the net…

  11. Fred Jones said:

    Many people do get their ex back successfully, so no reason that you can’t do it.

    All you need to do is work on her mindset. Here are some god tips for you, including a complete solution for men to get their ex girl back highlighted:

  12. Eric said:

    If your mind is spinning and you’re saying “I’m still in love with my ex” then rest assured you’re not the only one in this boat. There are hundreds of thousands of people who find themselves in this position after a breakup of a long term relationship marriage. They cannot believe what has happened and hold out hope that something can bring it all together, back how it used to be. I know that things are bleak right now, and you might think there is no hope, but in reality there is hope for you.

    So you’re saying “I’m still in love with my ex” and you might be wishing that things could be how they were before. But let’s pretend that you could turn back time. Would you get the same results or would things be different?

    You need to really look closely at the mistakes that were made, why they happened, and what you learned from them. To get your ex back, you will have to start again at zero to win over their love. If you’re still in love with your ex, you’ll have to bring that love to a level higher than before.

    First try to be a friend again. Remember we want to take things s-l-o-w at this stage. If you’re trying to jump right back into things, your ex might recoil at the idea. Don’t push. Don’t be over aggressive. If you’re meant to be together, you will.

    Next you want to make sure you’re in a good ‘headspace’. You don’t want to come across to your ex as a miserable, depressed, empty shell of who you were. It’s unattractive, as harsh as that may sound. But just think-would you like to be with someone who was such a downer? Probably not. Most of us are looking for happiness, someone to lift us up and understand us. You will instead be an encouraging friend with your own life, but who still has feelings for your ex.

  13. jonathanhiggins said:

    Ok my friend, you need a plan. But first, do not be so concerned that she is talking with another guy. Chances are he is only a rebound guy. And since we know that 90% of rebound relationships don’t work, that relationship is likely a dead end.

    What is real key, here, is how YOU behave during this whole thing. Your behavior can make it or break it. For the time being, I would maintain communication with her so she knows you are still interested. But do not overdo it. Don’t suffocate her and push her away.

    Oh jeez, there is just so much to share here and not enough space. For now, just maintain contact and don’t suffocate her.

  14. zakakiah said:

    Hmm, i feel very sad for you.

    It will require patience and clear thinking in your end just to let her acknowledge that you want to be back in her arms.

    Being Apologetic

    Her reasons in breaking up with you may just a common mistake (being late on activity or not showing up on certain parties) but you’re still the one who caused them. If you know that the recent breakup is your fault, be apologetic about it. Be sure to be sincere in your apologies without being too desperate. Apologize once or twice but never say “I’m sorry” every time you talk about your relationship.

    Think of a Plan

    Of course, saying sorry about the recent break-up will not get your relationship back on track.  Aside from being apologetic about the recent break-up, you need to let your ex girlfriend realize that you are willing to change. Don’t just say “I promise I won’t repeat what I did” because it will mean nothing to your girlfriend. Let her know about your concrete plans on preventing the cause of break-up from happening again. It could be professional assistance or just help from friends – you just have to make sure that they are concrete actions.

    Desperation is Never an Answer

    What you need to remember in the midst of all these is to avoid being desperate. Dress well, think clearly and be firm with your voice while talking to your former girlfriend. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to show her that you are emotionally strong and you want to fix the relationship. Being desperate is not a way of showing emotional stability.

  15. McKenzie said:

    Have you asked her why she feels you are not destined to be together when she is still in love with you. The fact that she admits that gives you some hope.

    Find out specifically why she feels like that. If you find that out, you both may discover it is something you can work through. She most likely has not had enough time to fall in love with this internet person. Act fast!


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