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How do i win my girlfriend back from another guy?

Me and my girlfriends broke up about a month ago. She said she sees me changing but is not ready to give me another chance yet. She also said she just isnt ready for a relationship but she likes someone else and talks to him all the time. What can i do to be sure she gets back to me. Dont bother saying move on because i know no matter what i have to. I want to no how to ger her back.

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One Response to “How do i win my girlfriend back from another guy?”

  1. Holzie said:

    Start proving that you have changed. If you have previously cheated on her or perhaps hung out with your friends more than spending time with her then I can see why she wants some time. Start just generally being more friendly, offer to take her out somewhere, wherever she wants to go. Or perhaps to just walk and talk? Ask her and tell her how you feel and make her feel comfortable that you will look after her. Don’t get over protective of her and another guy, let her do it, she may not like him and miss you, who knows? Hope this helps x


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