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What is the best gift to give your bridesmaids?

I have 7 bridesmaids and they are all so different. What do I get them all for gifts?

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12 Responses to “What is the best gift to give your bridesmaids?”

  1. mrsbtobe said:

    I like the id ea of matching necklace and earrings they can wear on the wedding day with their dress.

  2. Kristy said:

    Something personal for each. You can tie everything together with a common gift but give each something that fits her personality: concert tickets, theater tickets, sporting event tickets, jewelry, cashmere sweater, monogrammed luggage tickets – anything that fits her taste.

    Avoid the normal trinkets and impersonal items like tote bags, flip flops, day-of jewelry, compacts with initals on them, makeup bags, etc. Go with gifts they will love and cherish.

    Good luck!

  3. D4Pres2012 said:

    pay for their hair, makeup and nails the day of the wedding. last thing they need to pay for after travel, hotel, shoes, dress, shower and wedding gifts, and the bachelorette party is more mandated fancyness for your big day! it would be the equivalent of giving them each $50-100 to spend at the salon.

  4. Cindy said:

    you could get them one of these >

  5. *Miss_Autumn* said:

    Anything except jewelry. Since they are all different, get them something that fits their individual personalities and interests.

  6. [email protected] said:

    IM gonna take my girls out like a day or 2 before the wedding and getting them all pampered and also they are get robes and slipppers with there initals on them in there fave colors. i get there nails and toes done and facial massages its great and me and all my girls love this stuff so i know they will enjoy it.. oh and than later that day after the pamper we will probably have lunch at the olive garden or something

  7. Fauna said:

    Matching necklaces to wear on the wedding day.
    Make sure if you get earrings — all their ears are pierced!!
    Or bracelets — some kind of jewelry.

  8. kissbutnevertell said:

    i personally will be getting my bridesmaids matching jewelry, necklace and earrings to wear on my big day.

  9. Hisamazingwife said:

    7 bridesmaids is going to cost you a lot..maybe put together a basket for each with mini versions of their favorite products, samples and beauty essentials, including travel size perfumes.
    Get them a beautiful robe monogrammed with their initials, or a fluffy monogrammed beach towel!
    You can also write them each a sentimental note about how special you feel that they are there with you, and slip it into a card.
    If I was a bridesmaid, I’d want to feel special and pampered in a way as well but subtly, just a nice manicure or pedicure treatment is a great way to say thanks!
    Jewellery is a no-no, unless it’s their taste and they can wear it again, not to mention REAL. It’s cheap and a waste of money. A gift is a gift of thanks and appreciation, not ” here, something for you to look good with on MY day”…. staring at that peice of jewellery each day might make the maids feel special.. but not as much as a personalized robe or fluffy towel.

  10. Xtine said:

    I was in my friends wedding about 2 years ago and she had 6 girls.. She did a bag filled with her favorite things. example, her fav wine, underwear for vickies , choc. hmm…. That might had been it.. Also she had earrings anda necklace to wear for the wedding. And a nice hand write thank you card. I LOVED that idea and prob will use it myself

  11. Messykatttt said:

    It’s a lot easier to say what not to get! And the #1 no-no is jewelry to be worn that day, or as one person suggested, hair appointments etc. for the day. This comes across completely self absorbed.

    And also avoid any cheesy gift like a monogrammed tote bag. People sometimes do this because it’s easier, but when was the last time you saw someone using one?

    With 7, it might take a lot of time, I’d guess you could go online to major stores or even Target or Pier One and find gifts that would work fairly quickly. Ideas that wouldn’t work for all 7 but might be great for 1 or 2 are things like earrings, watches, cute clutch purses or wallets (Amazon has a ton of these), nice keychains, tickets to upcoming local events or concerts, nice ipod cases (again amazon has a good selection), etc.

  12. Emma said:

    i think a personalized wedding picture is a good choice. You can make a set of a personalized wedding portrait to thank their participation on your great memorable party. You simply select a set of you and your wife’s best picture, a words you would like to say to them and select your favorite color for your portrait. The artist will do everything in accordance with your selection. I believe it will be the best gifts for your bridesmaids. I think the smallest size is the best choice for you to the 7 bridesmaids because it is cute and they can put it on their desk.


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