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no date on valentines?

doesnt valentines day makes u realize how alone u are?

im 20 years old, (almost 21) and have never had a date on valentines! everytime feb 14 comes, its like all the guys run away!

does anyone feel the same way?

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3 Responses to “no date on valentines?”

  1. Shelbster said:

    Girl I feel the same way even though I’m 17. Boys are really stupid when it comes to relationships. I’m really hoping it’ll get better once I’m out of high school.

  2. amy‚ô•baby said:

    Yup, and then one year you’re with a guy you really love, and he makes you forget about all the crappy years before that.

  3. G230rc said:

    yea! that happens to me … I have always wanted to give a girl a special date present on that day and when its coming I usually am single and no G/F LOL!!! well I got 1 week to find a date HERE WE GO =D

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