My friend and my math teacher having a relationship! This is real I swear!?

My friend is 14 and the my math teacher is about 50. I went over to her house one day and I saw her on the computer sending nude pictures of herself to the teachers e-mail. I thought it was a joke at first. Then a couple of hours later she received nude pictures of him. The next day we had an assembly about teachers and students having sexual relationships. i told her about it, and she said she is not going to stop seeing the teacher and that they “love” each other. what should i do?
yes she told me they have had sex

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16 Responses to “My friend and my math teacher having a relationship! This is real I swear!?”

  1. Dickin Cider★ said:

    young lady dont snoop in my personal business. i will fail you.

  2. ♥The Princess Baby♥ said:

    tell the police.

    thats just wrong..hes old enough to be her grandpa

  3. Lady Shadow said:

    hun I know this might be hard (I’m 15) but you need to report it put a note in a teachers box or something if you dont want them to know it was you

  4. lmao said:

    omfg. call the police and tell the principal or even the superintendent!

    omg thats so wrong and she could really get hurt. if you want to you can tell the principal or police to not reveal your identity so your friend wont get mad

  5. Sarah Beth<33 said:



  6. fallen angel said:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww tell her parents

  7. ♥BabyCakes said:

    Tell her parents, the police, and the principal. This is not right at all. That man could end up raping her. Talk to her about it and tell her that she needs to stop.

  8. Just.Do.It said:

    ew thts gross.
    tell her tht she needs to stop cuz thts nasty and tht ur gonna tell her parents and call the police on him.

    or just tell the principle but dont let her find out it was u who told.

  9. The Darkside Has Cookies! said:

    Okay you really need to tell an adult about this he now has child pornography which is an extremely serious crime. Call the cops. It’s the best thing to do for your friend.

  10. Linda R said:

    Report this to the school principal IMMEDIATELY and her parents!
    He can go to jail for ‘Statutory Rape’ because she’s under 16.

  11. Ty. said:

    Tell her parents or your parents
    Or maybe the police.
    Tell someone.

  12. Kuro Bear said:

    Call the cops NOW! It’s considered RAPE.

    that’s sick! How could anyone Do that?!

  13. Marc B said:

    call the police. your teacher is a petifile, and your friend needs help

  14. Mary Powers said:

    If they have had sex (which I assume they have), even if she allowed it, it is called statutory rape because she is only 14. This is a serious crime.

    Tell your friend that her teacher does NOT love her. I had a “relationship” with my 50 year-old college professor my freshman year, and he said the same bologna to me. He’s just using her for sex, and he needs to be caught.

  15. Cailin said:

    Not only is this disguisting an drude of the teacher to take advantage of her, but child pornagraphy , which is what this man is apparently involved with, is a felony. Men get 20 years for stuff like that.

  16. thesongfairy said:

    Have another discussion about it with a hidden tape recorder. Then go to te police.


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