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How do you go around trying to start a relationship with either a friend, good friend, or best friend?

I have alot of girl “friends”-friends, good friends, and best friends. Once in a while I wonder about starting a realtionship with one of them because they are so great, but Im afraid of ruining the friendship. How could I start a relationship without messing everything up?

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2 Responses to “How do you go around trying to start a relationship with either a friend, good friend, or best friend?”

  1. Blaze Baby said :

    well if u really like them it shouldnt matter… honestly i have only dated friends besides 2 of my boyfriens. 2/6. Infact i just started dating one of my best friends a few weeks ago… its really nice we know almost everyhting about eachother

    as far as starting it… i do fishing, start semi flirting to get a reaction, dirty text messages are a good joke and plant the seed in his head. and then ask a really good friend… hey does so and so like me? and if it gets back to the guy then o well again planting the seed.

  2. squirrelgirl21 said :

    hmm well you must start out being subtle. pay special attention to the girl you like and let her know that she stands out form the crowd. if she responds well them go for it. im dating my best friend who was by best friend for like 4 years and then he got grounded for some stuff and i couldn’t see him for a long time and i realized how much he meant to me… now we have been dating for a whole year which is a long time for me (before him my longest relationship was 3 months lol) and im still havign a great time with him! dating your best friend is a great experience because you guys are already so close! anyways dont miss out because you dont wanna ruin your friendship… plus most people grow away from their friends when they get out of high school idk how old you are tho…

    wow i typed alot lol sorry


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