I wanna give my teacher a valentine card,is this okay?

I’m 13 and wanna give him a card.Other people in my school do it,but I’m not sure how to go about it…
Should I walk up to him and give it to him or mail it to him and should I put my name on it?
How will he react?

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3 Responses to “I wanna give my teacher a valentine card,is this okay?”

  1. Babycakes said:

    Yea give him a card just say you gave everyone of your teachers one and your just being kind.

  2. heavenbohemian said:

    I’m sure this is fine if you just say something nice or what you admire about him as your teacher (nothing inappropriate). Most teachers have a mail in box at the front desk where you can leave it -or leave it on his desk.

    If what you are written is well stated, and heartfelt, I’m sure he’ll say thank you.

  3. Victoria1234 said:

    Just walk up and say “happy valentine’s day” and give him a card. Make sure it’s not something all about love or anything – you don’t want him to think that you have a crush on him, it’ll make it awkward. Just give him a generic valentine’s card or buy a box for your friends and just give him one of those.


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