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Would it be inappropriate to give a card to a teacher for Valentine’s Day?

A friend and I are in university, and we both wanted to give him a card (from the both of us) to him as a token of friendship… Would it be wrong?

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5 Responses to “Would it be inappropriate to give a card to a teacher for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. winter8778 said:

    Not at all. It’s a sweet gesture. As long as you make it clear in the card that it’s a token of appreciation and not anything more. Besides, if it’s one card from two people, it’s very obviously not romantic in nature.

  2. Ms L said:

    Why then does it need to be a Valentine’s card, which has a romantic tone? Why not just a friendship card?

  3. Cindi R said:

    Your teacher would probably be flattered. I don’t think many teachers get appreciated so a token of gratitude would be nice. As long as the card is simple and to the point he should not take it as a romantic jester.

  4. WildOtter said:

    If it’s really a token of friendship, then why on Valentine’s Day? Are you currently enrolled in his class? If so, I’d wait until after final grades are assigned before handing out any “tokens of friendship”.

  5. SNITSKY said:

    do it,
    i might do it for one of my teachers


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