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How do you know when your friend is ready for a relationship?

We have been friends for a long time and we tried it once before back but broke up back in January. We’ve gone through a lot of rough times since then in that awkward friendship after relationship way. Recently though we have been getting close again. She knows that I still like her but she told me she’s not ready for a relationship yet. I don’t wanna be annoying and keep asking her but she hates it when she has to ask the guy out so how will I know when to ask her?

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4 Responses to “How do you know when your friend is ready for a relationship?”

  1. frend said :


  2. Annie said :

    If she isn’t ready yet, you should start seeing other girls. You can’t waste your life away when there’s a 50/50 chance she may never want to want to be more than ‘just friends’.
    On the other hand if she knows you’re seeing others, she may have a change of heart about you a lot quicker! 🙂

  3. Michelle said :

    dont force her. if she is not ready then leave her alone and be friends. my friend respect my decision of not being ready to be in a relationship yet and I like it that way

  4. jenny garcia said :

    ummm… i think that you should try to talk about it and see if you guys are ready to take that next step because if something goes wrong you could lose that friend


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