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My Daughter Is In The 9th Grade But Still Wants To Give Her Friends Something For Valentines Day! Ideas?

Yeah, I Know, They Dont Give Cards Anymore But What Would Be A Good Idea For Her To Give Her Friends.

Also, What Do I Get My Husband? It Seems Like Valentines Day Is The Hardest To Buy Gifts For.

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7 Responses to “My Daughter Is In The 9th Grade But Still Wants To Give Her Friends Something For Valentines Day! Ideas?”

  1. Bella said :

    Buy yourself a book.
    A book that illustrates the proper and improper times to capitalize a word.

    Not all of the words in your question are proper nouns.

  2. Kari said :

    Have her buy various candy and make gift bags for her friends. Can’t go wrong with candy!

    Do a scrapbook for him. Have various pictures, memories, poems, and etc. in it, and decorate it however you want. Or make a collage for his room. Gather plenty of pictures of you both together, have the poster cut as a heart, and just go at it! You could even have a poem in the middle, or have little items that bring back memories.. such as movie ticket stubs and things like that.

    Get him one of those huge Hershey Kisses, unwrap the foil, and add cute little notes inside. Then wrap it up so it’ll be a complete surprise. Maybe have the 12 main reasons you love him inside.

    Love coupons of various things of your choice. If you need examples, check online. Many websites have some that you can print out. Here’s one of the websites:

    Have his favorite dinner and some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Light candles and have rose petals everywhere. Later on, have a romantic bath for two with nice bath salts, more rose petals, and candles. You could even get some massage oils if you’re good with your hands to make him feel extra good. Spend the evening watching a movie you both enjoy, simply spending time together. For a present, maybe get something sexy to wear or get him some cologne.

    Get either a heart-shaped box of chocolates, or make some goodies yourself. Some ideas are a heart-shaped cake, brownies, and cupcakes. You could write “I love you” and various little sayings on them to put a smile on his face, and decorate them with Valentine‘s Day themed sprinkles. Or get chocolate covered strawberries. On the serving platter you could write something cute in chocolate or frosting.

  3. BubbleGum said :

    She could bake cookies or cupcakes for her friends. For your husband. you could get him a funny v-day card and a movie for you guys to watch.

  4. Tif said :

    homemade heart cookies

  5. Always Curious said :

    Suckers tied with a red Ribbon for Her friends Some have Long Sticks & are heart shaped .(Like I got yesterday.)
    As to Hubby ?
    A Movie You two can watch together .

  6. GGirl said :

    For her Friends help her make a huge batch of sugar cookies (buy the mix kind) cut them in hearts and let her icing them and put sprinkles on them. Buy cheap plastic bags tie them with red ribbon and hook a note on that say “a sweet for my sweet friend_________”. Very cheap gift idea and she can give tons out.

    For your hubby make him a cake or buy him something he needs. Im giving mine cologne cause he is running low. You could get him anything from a shirt to shoes though. Once we married I went to more practical things rather then cute. I still always buy him a card and write a huge paragraph in it though.

  7. helpmeplease said :

    I love to bake so when I was younger and I wanted to do this for valentine’s Day I would make chocolate lollipops. Some years I would make big rice krispies in the shape of a hershey kiss and attach a piece of paper saying “happy valentine’s day!” on it, and wrap it in foil. My friends all thought that it was adorable and kept asking how I made them.

    As for your husband gift make sure that it is something personal and actually means something to the both of you. Since it’s really the thought that counts.


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