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Valentines day ideas for just friends with hopes of more.?

I’m interested in this guy, and I know he’s interested in me, we have not made anything offical, we’re hanging out Valentines day (his idea), I’m not sure what would be some good ideas for what we should do?

I figured the movies would be weird and cliche.
I’m outta ideas. Help?

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2 Responses to “Valentines day ideas for just friends with hopes of more.?”

  1. Petra S said :

    Wow, I was actually in this same situation last year. I would recommend going out to eat at a nice restaurant, because that way you can talk, and then while you are there you can decide what you want to do next, be it a movie, someones house or go for a drive. Just go with what feels right.

  2. chip_and_chipper said :

    I am gonna send this link to LARRY!


    I love you.

    Uhm, call me. Heyeyey.

    Movies are not Cliche.

    That is where you took me D:< LOLOLOL.


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