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Is this a good Valentines note idea?

There’s this guy I like and I want to send him an annoyamus valentines card in the school valentines postbox (sounds childish I know, I’m 14). I was thinking of putting “Someone likes you” and then a big X, on a small piece of paper. I’ve only spoken a few times to him so I don’t want to do too much… does this sound good? I’m planning on hinting it was me afterwards just in case you were wondering. If you were a guy what would you think?

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2 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines note idea?”

  1. friends R gifts we give ourself said :

    i think it’s a good idea

  2. hayleyyyxxx said :

    that sounds really cute 🙂
    And its not too ott either,
    go for it 🙂


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