Is this a good valentines Idea? 10 pts best answer?

My boyfriend and I haven’t been going out very long…known eachother two years….been kissing for two months. This is our first valentines, and I want to do something special for him. He says he’s got something special for me. Let me know about this idea…. does it sound like something sweet and caring but not too much?

Ok, so we have college class (different classes) at the same time on valentines day, and so I was going to leave class a bit early and cover his car (if I can find it, because he always parks in a different spot) with “post-it” notes telling him how much I like him and if he will “be mine”. If it rains I was going to go to his classroom a bit early and ask his teacher to hold on to “this” (which is a yellow rose,chocolate kisses and a poem) and give it to _______ (bf’s name) after class. I thought a yellow rose because that’s his favorite color, and red might be a little too much? What do you think? Any suggestions or changes as to the whole thing?
Any idea how I can find his car?

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3 Responses to “Is this a good valentines Idea? 10 pts best answer?”

  1. just a girl said:

    It sounds really sweet

  2. Jackie said:

    Yellow roses signify “friendship”, just an FYI.

    actually-I did the post it note thing once to a boyfriend and he did like but wanted to kill me at the same time. He threatened that if i ever did that again, he would find a way to get back at me x 10.

    But you really have to consider your guy in this one….if he is open with his feelings and you two are an official couple, then it might be an ok idea. If he is like your typical guy, very reserved about that stuff, then no-he would just be embarrassed more than anything. Maybe just put a note or something under the windshield wiper? Make it a little more private but still have the same initial idea. Cute idea would be to make it look like he got a parking ticket (they are usually on orange paper) and write something about him being fined so many kisses for being such a great guy. Very cheesy, but what can you expect on V-day?

    Gauge this on your guy-not our responses. if you think he would be cool with it, heck tie some balloons to the antenna while your at it to really draw some attention to his car. Maybe put a little flashing light and a siren there as well….

  3. RoadKween1 said:

    To be honest, I think the post-it notes all over the car is too much. If a guy was to do that for me, I would run. It is sweet but borderline stalker style. And if he’s a shy guy or not into pda’s (public displays of affection) he definitely wouldn’t like it. I love the rose and poem idea. It is sweet.

    If it were me, I would probably go a whole other route. I would make a dinner and desert for him. What’s his fav food? Since you’re both in college, not sure if you still like at home or on you own, but if you’re not at home, you tend to live off the KD and hot dogs and a nice cooked meal of his fav food would be amazing. Doesn’t have to be an amazing meal, just something the 2 of you would like.

    Good luck with it 🙂


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