Is this a good valentines idea?

There is this girl in my class and i want to give her a valentines with a fake key in it. In the valentine it will say this is the key of my heart.

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7 Responses to “Is this a good valentines idea?”

  1. Michelle said:


  2. Jonelle said:

    YES. I’m a girl and I can say that I love cheesy romance.

  3. Brandonisaur said:

    It is a romantic and good idea. Make sure the key is shiny and not all rusty. It is kinda cliché so follow it up with some of her favorite candy or something

  4. Kayla Hines said:

    Yes, that is a great gift. Im a girl & i would love that. & maybe some candy (chocolates) to go with it.

  5. Lor Lor said:

    so romantic and I should now, when I started dating my fiance he gave me a butterfly necklace and told me that it was the key to his heart and that I was the bank he wanted it to stay safe at.

  6. JoviGirl27 said:

    Yes! It’s cute! DOOOOO ITTT!!!

  7. emgee said:

    Babyish. Grow up and buy a bouquet of flowers. $5 – $7.


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