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Is this a good valentines day idea?

Girls, what would you think if a guy wrote every girl in your class a poem. I feel that every girl should feel special on valentines day.

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7 Responses to “Is this a good valentines day idea?”

  1. katie v said :

    well I agree with the first answer
    but that is a really cute idea
    maybe you should write cute little individual poems for every girl…….likee saying all the good things about them or something idk!

  2. I Will Not Be Silenced said :

    Well, I think it’s a good idea if you personalize it for each girl – but that’s a lot of time and effort.

    However, if you want to take the time to think about a special quality each young lady has, I think it’s very sweet.

    Another option would be to give each of them a single rose – if you’re not romantically interested in any of them, I’d go with pink or yellow.

  3. Sven said :

    This could have 2 results:

    A. You instigate a mass orgie.


    B. You instigate a common reason for all the girls to think your a dork.

  4. Sportychiq said :

    bad idea thats weird

  5. Allie said :

    I think that that is very sweet. Although if you give all of the girls the same poem they may not really appreciate it when they realize it. Make sure that each girl has her own poem. If you aren’t good friends with any of the girls be careful what you write because it may offend them. Hope this helps and whatever you choose it is what your heart tells you so go with it.

  6. John D said :

    no that would be considered weird and sketchy

  7. Shivani S said :

    i think its nice and kind, but a diffrent poem for everyone sounds like work

    but its much better receiving a poem than recieving a valintine that won’t mean a thing


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