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Is it wrong to want to give two people a valentines day gift?

There two girls I want to give a valentines gift to, but I’m not sure that’s very ethical.

What would you do in the situation? Only give a gift to one of them, or both of them?

The thing is, if I only give a gift to one, I would feel kinda guilty not giving the other something too.
Yeah, there both friends.

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7 Responses to “Is it wrong to want to give two people a valentines day gift?”

  1. Harmony said:

    Sure. Give them both a gift.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  2. ♫®a¢hƏl♫ {changed her avatar} said:

    Are they both just friends of yours? If they are, then it’s okay to give both of them a gift.

  3. ~look at meeeeeeeeeee said:

    nothings wrong with that go ahead

  4. Amber said:

    If both of them are not a girlfriend then that’s perfectly fine since there both friends . But if one of them is send your friend one saying friends forever so your girlfriend doesn’t get the wrong concept . So good luck and happy valentines day ! <3

  5. Sarah: aussie youth worker said:

    just make sure you tell them you are giving the other a gift too.

  6. phiiona said:

    If they are only friends, then i don’t see anything wrong with that :).

    Just make it clear that you gave 2 presents out and dont lead them both on and its all fine.

  7. 1011RS said:

    ok to give both a gift


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