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For Valentine’s day, is it wrong for a married man to give an EF a card?

I notice Hallmark has v-day cards for friends.

EF=Emotion Friend, female, about 21, can do eight cartwheels in a row (in short shorts that say HAWT on the rear), completely platonic.

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17 Responses to “For Valentine’s day, is it wrong for a married man to give an EF a card?”

  1. Steffie said :

    no its not wrong

  2. Lemon Drop Martini said :

    As long as you’re fishing for a reason for your wife to drop kick you…sure, send it.

  3. Sue C said :

    Eddie, as close as you ARE to your EF, you’ve got to get her some kind of a “token” valentine. She’s like your little shadow & you do too much together it wouldn’t be fair not to acknowledge her as your “little sweetheart” on Valentine’s Day. She’s like one of your own family members & if I were you, yes, I would get her something. You know she’ll appreciate it a lot & bet you even get a big hug for it…:)

  4. bandaid_46 said :

    My gut says yes, it is wrong. If you weren’t married, it would be fine. But you are married and all your “loving” thoughts should be directed to your wife.

  5. sugar-glider queen said :

    well.. first have you seen all the cards Hallmark has on the market? they have cards for those less than perfect relationships even.. some cards i can’t imagine the thought process behind buying one since it’s a commercialized way of saying “i don’t really love you”… seriously! check them out sometime. anyways i am betting they have cards specifically for “i like the sex but i am never leaving my wife for you” and “i am friends with you in the hopes that i will get to see you naked” -and inside it will read “don’t tell my wife”

    nothing shocks me anymore.. so sad.

    anyways, if my husband gave anyone besides me, his mom or one of our kids anything for Valentines day i would take the large body pillow/stuffed dog he got me for when i was pregnant and stick it up his rear. but you’re not my husband, so i don’t think you need to worry too much.

  6. Dennis said :

    Yes because you are leading her on, and that is wrong. You have already started an emotional affair with her and that is wrong as well. What need is she meeting that you are not getting from your wife? Does she make you feel (important, special, hot, ) How does she make you feel? Why doesn’t your wife do that for you? You need to ask you wife for what you need. You need to become closer to your wife so you are not seeking an emotional (or sexual) connection outside of your marriage. It is a dangerous path to travel!

  7. Juicy said :

    THIS IS WRONG, AND YOUR OLD A*S*S KNOWS IT. she is not a family member and definitely not your wife. you know exactly what this may lead to and you need to back off – cheater. platonic my a*s*s – in the same breath you say he is hawt. time to put your big boy boxers on; do the right thing and focus on your wife.

  8. The_Spark said :

    Yes. A lot of people know this is wrong but they still do it anyways.

  9. Bunny said :

    Hello hot stuff, you can even give one to an old EF who gets better with time in short shorts. I have the womanly curves now. *wink* wink*

  10. Debbie's angel said :

    Well I’m not your conscience, heck I have had 3 from anonymous sources, so who knows who the heck sent them, got one from a female friend too so that makes 4 lmao ~ do what you think is right and enjoy, life’s too short I say 🙂

  11. sharon s said :

    Eddie its Valentine day, do what ever you like, hahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahhahaha I would bet the wife will also. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  12. Jackie said :

    its only wrong if the wife finds out! :))

  13. cass4 said :

    no. but shes a phsyco, so ull pay for it later! :))

  14. ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► JON ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌ said :

    haha this is a joke right? i only say so, because it would be fine if you were truly just friends, and you weren’t attracted to her at all. But since you mentioned that she is hot, and that you’re evidently attracted to her…i say NO WAY!

  15. cool said :

    Yes but No in your case…she would be definitely expecting a gift , candy,card or flowers from you.
    Card is always better because you can express how you really feel…jewelry is too expensive but it never disappoints ….teddy bear will always be a classic gift and your EF will love it… You are tempting me to have an EF,Eddie… i neither got a card nor a gift…. but he took my son out for dinner… i am sitting all alone at home.(Sob)

  16. priyanka - BOS-NYC said :

    youll never know if it will come up as evidence and bite you in the butt later on when your wife is divorcing you. im not saying that it will happen but why take that “”one in a billion”” chance? that is still a chance!!

    i was a married man’s emotional friend (well he was more of a brother to me). we never had anything more than coffee and deep conversations. and he liked me so much, he took me home. i stayed in his house with him, his wife and his kid! of course his wife got jealous during the time and i didnt want them to split and when i sensed tension btw them, i left. he apologised for his wife’s behaviour (although she has every right to feel that way) but we are still friends and i know he would do anything for me.

    so yes, it would be wrong to give her a card. use that money and buy your wife a something more special. she’s the one youre married to anyways. i would stay clear of anything on paper or “”symbolic”” of our relationship that could later incriminate my friend just in case his wife wanted to take him to court. and your EF would understand if you didnt give her anything today. i know i would.

  17. Autumn said :

    sure, get a whole box of them, the kind you used to give out to classmates in grade school. that way you’ll have plenty for all the EFs and EF wannabes.


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