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Ideas on what be and my boyfriend could do on our valentines date?

We’re hanging out on the 11th after school because he is leaving on holiday on the 12th meaning i can’t spend valentines day with him.

Please give me some ideas on what we could do? We’re hanging out after school. Nothing to do with sex because we’re underage and please keep in mind we have parents.

I want something preferably more special than normal, not just ‘go out to the movies’ thanks.

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7 Responses to “Ideas on what be and my boyfriend could do on our valentines date?”

  1. mirror> said:

    dinner/lunch, cook something together maybe. like a cake. i do that with my bf, we both enjoy that.

  2. sexy mum43 said:

    make out with him at the movies haha

  3. Sexy time! said:


  4. ally said:

    stay up together, watch the sunrise. go to the beach at night, bonfire perhaps?

  5. hate late people said:

    go out for a movie , or a theme park n just have fun . . .

  6. rohinsidh a said:

    You know what? I ll tell u what

    the most memorable things in life were never planned… happened and u cant forget it…..because if it were planned it would never happen the way u wanted it to.

    u wanna be happy dont plan anything.
    grab ur bikes ….run out into anywhere the road takes u to. Imagine the craziest things…do the unbelievable and u ll never forget it. in fact u ll always remember it with joy and u ll laugh everytime u think about it.

    now that i ve told u this u go and enjoy

  7. Joe said:

    You could go out stargazing or have a bonfire. Maybe find a quiet spot and dance just the two of you


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