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What are some cute valentines ideas i could make for my 17 yr old boyfriend?

I’m 16 and my boyfriend is making me something for valentines day and hes also going to get me something for my birthday too (which is 2 day before valentines day). I have given him shirts, necklace, and a bracelet already so i dont want to give him the same things over and over again. I want to make him or get him something different and really romantic. please help!

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2 Responses to “What are some cute valentines ideas i could make for my 17 yr old boyfriend?”

  1. ape2016 said :

    Well, one year I made a card that was an old fashioned valentine. A big red heart with nice decoration, but the suprise was inside. When the card was opened, I had made tons of different sized smallish hearts with little saying like conversation hearts, but with some of them personal like our initials and the plus sign ( A.Y. +S.P.) and some of our pet names and our anniversary. He loved it and thought the effort was great.

    Another year I made dinner for us (steak and shrimp) and we ate by candlelight and after dinner I gave him a small basket filled with his favorite candies with a couple of heart balloons tied to it.

  2. eric said :

    I do suggest you prepare one made by yourself which means much!
    1. if you can, why not Knit a scarf for him to keep cold outside during this cold winter. The scarf is around her neck like your gentle hands, he will love it.
    2. if you want to shop something for him. a Football Shape Alarm Clock might be a cool idea. after all, nearly all boys love footable and need someone to wake him up.
    The specification of this cool electronic gadget is here for you reference:
    Football Shape Alarm Clock
    Material: HIPS
    Constant blue LED light
    Touch LED light
    Football shape
    Alarm clock
    Power consumption: 3*AAA
    Dimension (L*W*H): 100*100*1255mm
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