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Ideas for a Valentines date?

does anyone have a date idea for valentines. it has to be possible for a teenager whose parents can only drive a little. we dont live near beaches or anyhting. im the kinda guy who would do something really unique. i know she wants to do something romantic too. i thot it would be cool to go play with the dogs at the animal shelter with her for a day but she wasnt interested. I am so lost. help??

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3 Responses to “Ideas for a Valentines date?”

  1. Ginger A said:

    Aww i think that’s cute but umm picnic in field or woods or you could just go to a restaurant

  2. leokinz95 said:

    My sister and her boyfriends best date was when they went in the woods and jumped off logs into the mud. They came home covered in mud laughing their heads off and they have been together for over 3 months.My sister also plays Frisbee in the fields with her boyfriends all the time. Hope this helped!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keke said:

    take her on a scavenger hunt leaving little clues and treats (candy,card, sickers, etc.) at each place to the next spot. the last place can be a nice spot that is candle lit with a nice dinner, flower, and teddy bear.


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