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I need a creative and romantic idea for my boyfriend for Valentines Day.?

He does not like candy, so chocolate is kind of out of the question. He lives with his parents and they are ALWAYS home, unless there is some miracle that they are gone. They might go out on Valentine’s Day though, who knows. But I have no idea what to get him. :/ Please help!

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2 Responses to “I need a creative and romantic idea for my boyfriend for Valentines Day.?”

  1. Mmaddee. B said:

    i can suggest you log onto and check out the mugs they have . you may add a photo or your names to it . i think this would be great and add a nice card to make it even better. if not you can try some cologne. usually not too expensive at the right places.

    does he play video games? you can get him the latest game whether he has a wii, an xbox or a play station 3 .

    its really the thought that counts i learned that even celebs dont get the most expensive gifts , usually rich people have it all right? they go for origionality something personalized from the heart which makes it so special . Good Luck

    It would be nice to give him a little something even as small as a gift card . eventually anything you get him will make him smile because its coming from you and you are special to him 🙂

  2. Alan J said:

    I found this website that might have what your looking for. Hope it helps, and oh yeah have a nice valentines day!
    Ps. Check out the resource box for the web address. :}


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