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Need ideas for a very romantic valentines day idea for a girl?

Anything creative and out of the usual.

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3 Responses to “Need ideas for a very romantic valentines day idea for a girl?”

  1. Treasure#1 said:

    So the most romantic valentines day:
    A small gift such as flowers, a nice day in the park (anywhere outside) or the beach (if you’re close), and a nice dinner, nothing too fancy but nothing too dumpy. And a little kiss goodnight will give the most romantic valentines day! <3

  2. lifeoftoby said:

    you want something different well it depends how long you have been going out i will give you what i would want my boyfriend to do and you can take some and leave some or leave it all or take it all ……..I would want my boyfriend to wake me up with breakfast in bed with a flower on the tray (preferbly a red rose or her favorite type) then we could shower together( wash each other 🙂 have some fun) after we would take a ride to my favorite place wherever it may be or if its his favorite or not he would do it for me to make me happy he would have a picnic packed and we would have lunch somewhere different then finish our adventure around town and go home cook supper for me ( a four course meal is nice) ( soup salad main and dessert) then we could watch a romantic movie and cuddle in bed together and ….. see where the night might lead good luck dude hope she’s worth it and i’m sure she is if your going thtough all this trouble to make her happy

  3. Suicidal Duckie is Happy Camper said:

    flowers and a nice dinner at a good restaurant


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