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What is a cute, creative, romantic valentines gift idea for my boyfriend of one year?

We have been dating for a year and I really want to do something sweet for him. Our year is in march, so i would like to do something small for valentines day.
Any good ideas, please help me:)

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10 Responses to “What is a cute, creative, romantic valentines gift idea for my boyfriend of one year?”

  1. Les said:

    give him a jar full of hersys kisses and put a hear in the jar asking him to be your valentine

  2. sliver189 said:

    You can give a nice watch or dinner. Hell why not both. I just hope he’s deserving!

  3. phiniesg said:

    Give him/her your smell (if you don’t sound that bad!). say hug this little pillow to sleep for a few nights.. and it will have your smell.. give it to him/her and sniffing on it will be like sniffing you 🙂

    There is a also number of good ideas of romantic valentines gift ideas on this site.

  4. Kathy H said:

    Write him a romantic letter, poem, or sing him a song. Take him on a romantic outing…something he would like such as picnic, hiking, bonfire, fly a kite, go for a bike ride. If it’s too cold where you live, have an indoor picnic. Does he have a favorite dessert you could make for him?

  5. Bob G. said:

    Make a scrapbook complete with picture of you two, ticket stubs
    to something you saw together(concert, movie etc) Little nicknames
    or sayings you have..Any remembrances or BIG moments
    together from the past year. :}

  6. bittu said:

    give him the sweatest kiss…
    the most delicate hug..
    and spend the day with him

  7. Diane said:

    Make a special dinner, and pair it with a gift of his favorite movie that you can watch together afterword.

  8. blue fairy said:

    you can give him a valentine’s and anniversary gift at the same time. a nice gift would be the classic silver watch which he can wear all the time and remind him of your love.

  9. R Kelli said:

    Hope some of these help 🙂

    1. Cologne
    2. Gun cleaning set
    3. Gas cards
    4. Sports gear
    5. Home made tye blanket
    6. Sports tickets
    7. Cabella’s gift card
    8. Watch
    9. Cross Necklace
    10. Restaurant gift cards
    11. Knife set
    12. Anything to do with alcohol
    13. Picture Frame
    14. Clothing
    15. Coffee Mug
    16. Scrapbook
    17. Photo Album (nude or not)
    18. Boxers
    19. Guitar Hero // video games
    20. Home made cooking
    21. Build A Bear
    22. Posters
    23. Promise Ring
    24. DVD // CD
    25. Write a poem // draw a picture // sing a song

    Just be creative, guys aren’t that hard to please 🙂

  10. Hilton Santoyo said:

    Incredible writing. I’ve bookmarked it without a doubt.


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