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What’s a cute, creative valentines gift for my boyfriend?

He’s 16, and we’ve been dating for 6 months or so. I really want to get him a unique present that he’ll love. Something sweet and cute that will make him smile

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6 Responses to “What’s a cute, creative valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. SuperUberBob said:

    Get edible underwear for you to wear later than night after a few glasses of wine.

  2. help me said:

    guys love to eat…
    make him a romantic dinner.

  3. Mr. ??? said:

    “blow” his mind
    he will NEVER forget that

  4. Vicky L said:

    well my friend just got his GF a giraffe lol no joke! well not really like bought it for a pet. he adopted it for her so its in her name or something like that. not sure if that’s something that he would really be into or anything but its truly unique and i thought it was sweet 🙂 best of luck!

  5. Ailsa R said:

    You can:

    1) Get him roses

    2) Treat him to a night out:
    mini golf
    coffe shop/cafe
    the zoo
    the spa
    roller blading/rollerskating
    go to a park and pick flowers together

    3) stay in and do fun stuff:
    cook for each other
    play board games
    get out some fancy chocolates and talk
    have a movie marathon of each others’ favorite movies

    4) classic!
    card (with meaningful contents)

  6. southerngrace1030 said:

    A poem. You could paste a pic of the two of you on a small piece of poster board and surround it with things that make you both smile.
    If you have quite a few pics of the two of you and some of you individually you could make a powerpoint presentation if you have the software.


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