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I have an idea for valentines day. I am sending secret admirer valentines to every not gross boy in my grade.?

I need ideas. Like how to send mass amounts of valentines without getting caught. And how to send them anonymously.
I am not trying to b rude. I apoligize but when i said gross i meant people who put other people down and who are narcissists. Not like OMG ur so gross cuz no one has a crush on you. Please, no flames, i didn’t mean to offend anyone . and I have been in the shoes of the gross people, so i apoligize again if you were ever in that position.

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11 Responses to “I have an idea for valentines day. I am sending secret admirer valentines to every not gross boy in my grade.?”

  1. Shewolf020 said:

    whats the point? it is a mass marketting scam making money out of the likes of you. nothing ever comes of valentines cards anyway. i wouldnt waste your money.

  2. misskate12001 said:

    Sounds like a great way to make a lot of people feel really crummy on Valentine’s Day. Is that why you want to do it anonymously?

  3. lili said:

    dont do that if you are going to send them send them to the ugly ones and not to every one they will not they are not real

  4. Bret J said:

    Thats so mean. If you’re going to go to the trouble sending valentines, send them to everyone.

    How would you feel if every girl in your grade got a valentines except for you because guys thought you were gross.

  5. cafe_au_lait said:

    if you are sending them anonymously, why exclude the gross boys ? Gross boys need love too.

  6. Mr Man said:

    first make the cards and make your handwriting obscur and then at the end put love from ??? and make sure nobody sees ya haha shud be good !!!

  7. Marshmallow said:

    You’ll definately get figured. If the boys compare or tell someone then they’d find out and if any of them are reading this then you’ve been figured already, lol! it’ll never work!!

  8. Tomahawk said:

    I Don’t Know how you could do it, sorry.

  9. em_runner said:

    What grade are you in? If you’re class is doing little boxes or something for everyone to put one in (i haven’t done this in a while, but you might), put one from yourself, too, so it doesn’t look like “oh [your name] is the only one not to give me one so it must be her”. Type them so they won’t know your handwriting. Or you could mail them if you’re not doing that. Don’t put a return address to stay anonymous. And I agree with a previous person: gross boys need love too. Bear in mind that if they talk about it they’ll figure out someone sent them all, though.

  10. lexy said:

    well teh njust dont sign ur name and leav them on there desk or in there lockers or tell ur freinds to give it to them or tape it to there lockers get creative its valentines day

  11. SuperVictoria said:

    Maybe they will send out valentines to every not rude girl in the grade; too bad you won’t get one.

    Sheesh, that’s pretty rude to only distribute them to certain kids.


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