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hows this for a valentines date LADIES ANSWER PLEASE!?

ok, well she gets off at seven and i was going to suprise her with some sort of flowers at work but, i dont know what kind.
anyone got any ideas for that? i dont want to be cliche and get roses though….

then we were going to have a picknick at the park and eat pB&js (her favorite) and lay out under the stars and talk for a few hours?

is that too little or just perfect?

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13 Responses to “hows this for a valentines date LADIES ANSWER PLEASE!?”

  1. flautist319 said:

    This site has tons of ideas

  2. Gina C said:

    …and the pbj’s at the park sound purrrfect!

  3. am89 said:

    it depends on whether she is a material girl, if she is this is not going to make her happy. I she is not this is very sweet and i would love it. The best kind of flower on valentines day is defiantly the rose.

  4. Amanda M said:

    That sounds perfect. I would love my guy if he did that for me! You should get her White Lillies, or White roses. I know you said you didn’t want roses, but both of those are beautiful flowers. I hope it goes good, shes a lucky girl!

  5. MELANIE said:

    It is JUST PERFECT !!! Love the picnic idea and the PBJs.
    For the flowers ~ since you are going to the park, how about Daisys or some other WILD flower – like Oh ask the flower place. Or just pick up a bunch in the Grocery Store.

  6. Mia J said:

    Does she have a favorite flower? If not tulips are different. The date sounds good.

  7. <3 !Miley Cyrus Fan! <3 said:

    JUST PERFECT! <333

    Love, miley cyrus fan!


  8. Believe said:

    LAME – skip the flowers altogether – get to the Hallmark store and find the perfect card and some kind of trinket that will last longer than any flowers and show you put thought into something. Then come up with a better “picnic dinner” than PBJ unless you’re 2 years old! Like maybe shrimp cocktails, cheese & crackers, veggies & dip, strawberries & chocolate with whipped crream, wine – or sparkling juice – and don’t forget some candles!

  9. Republican Chick said:

    I like it!
    I wish i knew more about this girl.
    If she’s traditional/romantic, go with roses.
    If she’s kind of wild, try gerber/gerbera daisies.
    if she’s exotic, go with orchids.
    if she’s simple, go with carnations (i hate carnations, though. so beware!)
    mostly, go with a pink/red/flower. If you are really needing help, go to a florist and have them design something/help you pick something – but beware! this can be expensive!

    good luck, romeo!

  10. Rica baby boo said:

    That shounds just perfect…
    i like that idea but u should do just a little bit more…
    tell her that u love her..
    and that u would like to stay with her for a long time

  11. Dawna L said:

    Paper roses. It’s 7:28pm where I am, and I may be late. But make her some flowers with paper. It shows creativity, and it takes time. It also shows a bit of your baser self. (Male children often bestow drawings of flowers upon their mothers. The first loves of their lives.) If your girlfriend is important, show her this by spending time rather than money. I think your idea is absolutely perfect. It’s too cold here in Connecticut to do that, but my husband and I often resort to sharing feelings that you can’t buy at the Hallmark store pre-printed. Good luck to you!!

  12. KBug said:

    just perfect, I would melt
    Just that you show that you pay attention to her (remembering her favorite was PB&Js) is really sweet. I would get her a dozen roses I know its over done but its still romantic as hell…. lucky girl 🙂

  13. em said:

    That sounds perfect! So simple, but so romantic! Now if you only knew what her favorite flower is!

    Roses are classic, but lillies (there are many types, I persoanlly like calla), daises, or tulips are great non-rose choices.


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