Valentines day date! helppp please!?

ok so i am 16 years old and so is my boyfriend. We just got together like a month ago and i was wondering where a good place to go for valentines day! he said i could pick teh place and he doesnt care where we go as long as he is with me so…. any suggestions?

btw nothing too expensive! and no we arent sleeping together! but we do like to make out…..

thanks so much! <3

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3 Responses to “Valentines day date! helppp please!?”

  1. Demi said:

    Go have a picnik at nightt on the beach. Or at some pretty lake, (:

  2. *-~TaY~-* said:

    Just go to a fun place!

    Girls are always like “Let’s go to Olive Garden!” or “Let’s go to Herford House!!”

    Guys probably want to go somewhere more…. fun!

    Go to a restaurant YOU enjoy! 🙂

  3. Larkin L said:

    Ice skating
    Ferris Wheel ride


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