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how to get a date for valentines day?

im going away for valentines day and i dont want to be alone but i dont know anyone there. im not that good with the girls, im not bad looking i think, but any tips how to ask a girl out or to at least meet one where it wont be awkward.


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3 Responses to “how to get a date for valentines day?”

  1. IHeartTwilght#1 said:

    just strike up a conversation with someone and then get to know them.

  2. Katie said:

    tell a joke, use a pick up line, something stupid and silly that can make a girl laugh and get her to just notice you.

  3. Aoife said:

    just be yourself i suppose,some girls hate really cocky attention seeking guys but then some love them..the same with shy less outgoing guys! if you’re out at a bar/club with friends offer to buy the drinks so you can start a decent conversation with a girl at the bar you like! make eye contact(but not too much otherwise it’s creepy)flirt a bit(smile- be approachable..and if you’re feeling extra confident wink at her !) make yourself interesting nothing worse than a boring guy!-have a few conversation topics and jokes up your sleeve before you go out-nothing lame/corny!- )and most important of all listen to her(i mean hang on her every word and make references to things she’s already mentioned-it’ll make her think she’s having a brilliant conversation,after all everyone loves to talk about themselves!)any girl worth her salt will like you for your personality,not your looks-they’re not worth it otherwise.


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