How do I get my daughter to be comfortable around strangers?

I went to the dentist today and she screamed when anyone looked at her. How do I get her to be better around strangers? I would like to get her into some class with other kids she just turned 1 does anyone have any recommendations for me? She is usually home with me all day so she’s not used to being around lots of people any ideas would help. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “How do I get my daughter to be comfortable around strangers?”

  1. Moni Mon said:

    Get involved with a Mommy and Me group in your area, that way she is exposed to different people

  2. Frosta Darlin (BCA) said:

    Just slowly bring her around people, she’ll eventually get used to it.
    My son doesn’t really have stranger anxiety, but there are a few exceptions of people he does not want to go to. (His great grandfather, for some reason every time he holds him my son screams bloody murder)

  3. lainey said:

    try joining a mother and toddler group, where you are still in the room but she will eventually leave your side to play with the other kids and hopefully get used to the other parents too.
    Its just a matter of taking her places where you both interact with other people.
    good luck

  4. chrysie said:

    my baby used to be like that, because shes home all day with just me, but then i started to take her to the gym daycare. i workout for about an hr, and shes around others, so shes not like that anymore…

  5. G-gal said:

    I found just taking my daughter out and having her around people helped a lot. She loves church now, at almost 2, so many people for her to see. We take her to the store, and on most of our errands and she has really opened up.

    I never force her to talk to people who make her uncomfortable or to even look at them, I think that would make ut worse.


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