How do i get a toddler to stop throwing food around?

My almost 2 year old thinks it’s hilarious to spill milk and other food items on himself and others. He doesn’t want a sippy cup anymore and wants to use a regular cup. I try not to be alarmed when he does this but he laughs himself silly anyways. Help!

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8 Responses to “How do i get a toddler to stop throwing food around?”

  1. hirsbrun_2000 said:

    Have him leave the table until he’s ready to eat properly. He’s old enough to understand that.

  2. mimi said:

    lol…he’s just having fun, but i dont’ think he realizes that you have to clean it up…maybe you should try making him “help” you clean when he’s done…
    and the person who answered before me has a good idea also…
    and even though it’s a messy thing, be happy that your son isn’t a serious kid, it’s better when they can laugh…

  3. Hannah's Mom said:

    a two year old should not have the choice between a cup and a sippy cup. Be stern and tell him that it is wrong, and whatever you do don’t laigh or give him any attention that he likes from it.

  4. crenshaws_apache said:

    When he throws the food pop his hand and make him help you clean it up. After seeing that throwing food brings on having to help mommy clean up and makes her mad maybe he will stop it, ignoring the problem will only make it worse, a firm pop on the hand will achieve alot with a child, just do go overboard with it.

  5. bartathalon said:

    First thing don’t give him a regular cup, show him that he must do what you say by giving him his sippy cup. As for the food, what can I say. I threw food everywhere when I was little. Maybe get him a baseball and get him started with sports.

  6. Heather said:

    You have to wait for him to grow up…
    My little boy does this, too. It’s not that he thinks it’s funny, but he is unbelievably picky, and whenever he doesn’t want something, he throws it on the floor. I yell, tell him no, that’s not what we do with food. It seems to be working a smidgen.

  7. all_my_armour_falling_down said:

    Don’t give into him, but gently show him the correct way. He’s old enough to understand. It won’t be a perfectly clean ordeal for a few years anyway…..maybe get a dog to help with the mess LOL that works for me. BTW I love your name…it’s my daughters name!!

  8. brevejunkie said:

    I don’t think it’s possible. My 28 month old son STILL does this. When he’s finished, he says, “All done!” and with one giant swoop of his arm, sends his plate, fork and cup crashing onto the floor. Luckily my husand and I have come to expect this, so we usually catch it, but not always. We’ve tried scolding him (“NO! That’s naughty!”), feeding him on a regular plate instead of one of the colorful kids plates, putting him in a different spot at the table, putting him back in a high chair instead of a booster chair…and nothing has worked. He’s teaching his 12 month old brother his tricks now. Last night we had spaghetti and my younger son got a long piece that I had apparently missed when I was cutting it up for him. He looked at his brother, looked and me, and then took his arm and shoved/pushed the spaghetti off of his highchair tray. It was so funny, I had to laugh. 🙂

    Honestly, I think this (like so many other things our darling little “angels” do) is just a phase and will pass (hopefully soon!).


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