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im posting this question here, because i feel comfortable here. (Valentines Day Idea’s)?

i just wanted to know what other mommies are doing for their husbands/boyfriends for valentines day. i want to do something special for my husband from the kids, and also from me. i just needed some ideas? thanks

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7 Responses to “im posting this question here, because i feel comfortable here. (Valentines Day Idea’s)?”

  1. Noah's Mommy & Marine Wife. said:

    Well, we’re celebrating Friday night because my parents are coming to visit on Valentine’s Day.

    Anyway, I’m waiting until Noah goes down for bed to give my husband “his” surprise. I bought a nice bra and undies at Victoria’s Secret and I also got a black, silk, robe to wear. Then I got some votive candles that I’m going to light and place around the living room. I’m also going to get a bottle of champagne and some strawberries and whipped cream to have. I’m also going to have “It’s your love” playing as it was our first dance at our wedding.

    For Noah I think I’m going to do his handprints in red/pink paint and then add a little poem from him to Daddy.

  2. Aislings.Mum said:

    Most likely just dinner and a movie, both my treat :). And I’ve already arranged for a babysitter so we have the night just the 2 of us.
    Valentines Day is soooo hard for me because its also my boyfriends birthday!! So I’ve gotta go the extra step so I’m celebrating both lol. So I make sure he doesn’t spend any money outta his pocket because really since it’s his birthday as well its his day!!

  3. Victory said:

    Well this yr is going to be difficult for us because my hubby got laid off so there is no money hopefully we will get our income tax by then.Our anniversary is valentines day it will be 4 yrs HOOAH!! lol usually we just go out to eat and then come home but later after the kiddos go to bed we have an ermm you know sexxxy night.That usually does it for my hubby he’s not really the romantic type.

  4. Luv my kids 4evr said:

    I bought my daughter (nearly 11 months old) a box of valentines that we are sending out to her little friends and family members. We are also getting her a few little things. She has a “Be Mine Valentine” bib, we also got her a teddy bear that says “Princess – 2009” on it. For the actual day i’m not sure what we are doing. My hubby likes to take control of that. But I was thinking that I would go to the dollar store and get some little decorations and cut out some hearts from colorful construction paper and put them up around the house. I also like making special food for her on special days so i’m thinking heart shaped cookies, pancakes, etc.

  5. Rachael B said:

    cook him his favorite meal to have with you and the kids then get some sexy underwear for you and him to enjoy when the kids are asleep

  6. blulildevl said:

    Wow, I don’t know about the whole sexy undies idea. I’ve still got alot of baby fat to get rid of. Maybe with all the lights out. LOL.

    I was wanting to do something special for my hubby too. We were talking about going out to dinner, but according to my hubby we’d have to hit the dollar menu b/c we are so broke. Plus my mom would have to come down to keep the baby so we wouldn’t have any “alone”time. Im thinking of making him something with a pic of the baby and her footprints on it . It could read” Be Mine” or ” Be my valentine” or something like that.I was gonna make him like a coupon book from me. Coupons of things he can cash in when the time is right. They sell them at Walgreens but I was gonna make my own to give him with some “extra” stuff. And just try to make some time when we can be alone. We don’t have much of that since the baby came.

  7. Chloe's Mama said:

    My b/f and I are going out to dinner with his brother and his wife. They’re coming into town and wanted to do something.

    I’m not too happy about it because we can have dinner with them anytime while they’re here. I would have loved to have dinner with just my b/f and I. 🙁


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