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How can I send a valentine card through Valantine Texas?

I am trying to send my boyfriend a valentine card, but I want it to go through Valetine, Texas because they have a special stamp just for valetines day. Anyone know how i do that?

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4 Responses to “How can I send a valentine card through Valantine Texas?”

  1. grandmasclit6969 said:

    Drive to Valentine,Texas and drop it in the mail box.

  2. drshorty said:

    I don’t know, for sure, but I would imagine that you could enclose the card in another envelope and then mail it to the post office in Valentine, TX, with a request that the worker there put it into the mail at that post office so it will be postmarked from Valentine. HTH!

  3. slaughter114 said:

    Place your St. Valentine’s Day card(s) – addressed to the proper recipient(s) in a pre-stamped envelope. Place it in another envelope and mail it to Postmaster, Valentine, Texas 79854

  4. DentistErnie said:

    The other ppl gave you correct info though I am not sure that the card will reach him in time. There’s also a Cupid, Arkansas (for next year).


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