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Good Valentines Idea for a girl I like…?????

I was thinking of maybe sending some flowers or a teddy bear to this girl I like, But should I send them to her school or should i send them to her house, Is this a good idea? she and I have hung out a couple of times and we laugh and always have a good time together but we aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend yet, so should I still get her the flowers??? I wouldn’t be very expensive. My dad thinks its a little agressive considering we aren’t boyfriend/girlfriend, but My Mom thinks its a good idea. what do you think????


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16 Responses to “Good Valentines Idea for a girl I like…?????”

  1. Lily R said :

    Flowers and a box of chocolates…..aww….the sweet smell of flowers…pink and red flowers….thats what i want…

  2. Stewie Griffin said :

    i think you are a tool….

  3. mq1229 said :

    I’d go with the bear. The flowers might be a bit much until you are boyfriend and girlfriend. Send it to her house, or give it to her in person. Don’t send it to school, it could be way to embaressing for her.

  4. Faith T. said :

    send them to the school but nothing over the top like a bunch of flowers…maybe just one rose or A box of candy nothing too expensive

  5. Bailey said :

    I would definitely send her flowers. There are great inexpensive packages that come with a teddy bear and even chocolates. I would have it delivered to her school. That wasy she gets to share the excitement with her peers and not the “rents”.

  6. Fran said :

    i think its a good idea too. 🙂 send it to her school

  7. curly said :

    i think it is a good idea, do something a little romantic to. like say something really sweet or give her a nice card or something with it.

  8. Stephanie N said :

    i think u should b/c it shows her that u really like her. school or home would be kool and it could start a good relationship 2. sending a gift gives her the hint that u like her so go for it

  9. T.W.M said :

    There’s no better way to take it to that next step than to get her something. If you send her gift to school, it will make her feel really special in front of her friends (who will find out anyway) but it’s a public show which is fun and most girls like.
    Whatever you decide to do, get her something. It may seem trivial, but it’s important. Especially, once she’s your girlfriend!

  10. DI'MARIO said :

    dude take her out to the beach find a quiet spot bring alon a towel and sum stuff that wud make the nite a romantic one to remember and then u too talk and have fun dont try and push it ok anything that willl be will eventually happen ok. and yes dont forget the roses and dont choose the common ones go get the rarest ones u can

  11. laydee said :

    Send them to her house,it can be embarrsing with everyone at school watching even if she likes you.Send flowers, its nice to get flowers on Valentines day.

  12. swamp606887 said :

    go to radio shack and ask for a 20 second recording modual (its about 10 bucks)record like i love u of some shit on it and then get a teddy bear and cut it open ant put the modual in and the sew it up and give it to her she will love it i got one 4 my gf and she loves it…..godd luc tell me how it worked

  13. nbatch2006 said :

    i would send the flowers and maybe some balloons. and it should be at school so she can show them off. it doesn’t mean as much if she can’t brag to her friends. and just because you are not going out doesn’t mean you cann’t send her anything she is your friend after all and it’s nice to get unexpected gifts from a friend. also it sounds like you want it to be more, this might be your window of opertunity to ask her out.

  14. twinky said :

    go to build a bear..usually in the mall…design one for her and you can have a voice message put inside of it..she pushes a button and hears your don’t have to be bg and gf to send her flowers..i think that makes it all more special..good luck

  15. cherry5pie said :

    Go to build a bear and get her a bear that you thing represents her. If she is a Cheerleader, get her a cheerleader. Better yet, get her a princess bear and tell her that she is your princess and you want to serve her every wim. Trust me, I am a women (42) years old and I tell you from experience. A personalized bear or puppy does the trick

  16. bexy said :

    Send flowers to her school with a card, all girls love public shows of affection. She’ll be able to share the display with her friends and they will all be jealous no doubt. Don’t worry that you are not going out – sometimes different generations think that different things are better and today that is totally acceptable!


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