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What is a good presient idea to get a girl for valentines day?

There is this girl that I am currently friends (I want to make it apparent that I want to be more than just friends) with and have been friends for about 5 yrs now and I want to do somthing for valentines day but I don’t know what yet please help and GIRLS what could be the best gift to get on valentines day?

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6 Responses to “What is a good presient idea to get a girl for valentines day?”

  1. chichi842 said :


  2. ♪ஐLil' Bearஐ♪ said :

    Ask her on a date for on V-Day. While on the date, telll her that you really like her and you want more than just a friendship.

  3. Cc said :

    something meaningful that only she’ll understand
    kind of like the signs they did in love actually
    where he held up the signs at her door,
    dont just give her a box of chocolates and be like i like you.

    make it apparent that you have been thinking a lot about this
    likeee this one guy once typed up notes on couple of index cards
    and told a little story about how great of a friend i was and if he
    wasnt my friend he was sure a fool etcetc

    it was really sweet and wasnt cliche or anything and i could tell he put a lot of thought into this 🙂

  4. PhotoFairytales said :

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  5. misty said :

    Well you know what my friend the time has come. You need to shake this girl up so here’s what me advice is to you . Dinner and one dozen red roses should help start the fire,but you should let her in on your thoughts and desires! Don’t miss this moment… she could be the one!Let her know how you feel before dinner is done!

  6. Juliyana said :

    Jewellery is always a safe bet when buying a present. For a more personal touch, have your selection of necklace, bracelet or ring engraved with her name or a short message.

    If you are unsure of what item to purchase, a charm bracelet will no doubt be a popular and well-appreciated option. Check out for more ideas:


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