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What is a good valentines day gift idea for a girl who doesnt like chocolate?

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7 Responses to “What is a good valentines day gift idea for a girl who doesnt like chocolate?”

  1. Brittani said:

    Ear rings, or bake her a cake!

  2. Tizzy said:

    There are other kinds of candy besides chocolate. You have lots of options. Just look around in the store. There’s always jewelry and teddy bears.

  3. Turquinha said:

    homemade cookies or heart candies!!!

  4. Syria said:

    Maybe you can bake her a cake or cookies.

    or stores like Target have little sections of Valentines day stuff. 🙂

  5. Emma said:


  6. Jessica said:

    Get her a picnic basket! You can fill it with her favorite snacks (and wine if you are old enough to drink) and take her on a picnic. She will always have the basket to reuse and remind her of you!

  7. Laura Cowler said:

    Does she like cute and fun items, plus getting lots of stuff in the mail?
    You could get her a subscription to a gift package service. She’ll get a fun surprise package in the mail each month and each time its full of exciting surprises!

    The name of the company is fair ivy surprise package subscriptions. i get them from my boyfriend and love them 🙂 I love waiting for mail….plus it feels like he’s giving me a gift every month!

    I think you can print a gift card to put inside a card to let her know the surprises are coming.


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