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Valentines day Idea. Good or Bad (would appreciate if a girl gave her opinion)?

So i like this girl and I am planning on giving her something for Valentines day. The catch is, she and I are good friends and I don’t want it to seem awkward. So, my plan is to leave her a rose and possibly a card on her porch with a note that says, “Happy Valentines Day *so-and-so*! From a friend.” If a guy did this to you (I am assuming whoever is reading this is a girl) would you find extremely sweet and cute? Or, would you find it odd? I appreciate your answers.

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5 Responses to “Valentines day Idea. Good or Bad (would appreciate if a girl gave her opinion)?”

  1. Maddie said:

    Okay, I honestly think that is a good idea. That is what my best friend did to me today and now we are dating. I figured it out easily who it was. I think that she would like it. — Now’s here’s the thing…. If you want her to figure out who it is you are either going to have to tell her or let her figure it out. It might take time for her to figure it our. Unless she does not have many guy friends.

  2. i always know said:

    ooh… if i liked the guy, i would love that a lot, but if i only loved him as a friend, i would feel really really bad and i think it would make it awkward for a while to hang out with him. i wouldnt like that.
    so before you do it, consider whether she`s attracted to you.

  3. DeDroa said:

    If you want to stay just friends, then leave out the rose part. The card is a good idea though.

  4. Kylee said:

    I would find that extremely cute!
    If I guy did that to me
    Omg that would so make
    my month!
    Or moreee

  5. <3 ma&&!3 <3 said:

    that depends entirely on how i felt about him. suppose it was the guy im in love with- well, of course id be estatic. but if it was some1 i have no memory of whatsoever, i would probably think it was a little odd. but i would most certainly think it was sweet of some1 2 be thinking of me on valentines day. ive never had any1 do anything like that 4 me, but i HAVE had boys like me b4. now, if it was some1 i was good friends with (im not exactly “good friends” with any males, as they have a tendancy 2 want nothing more than 2 get in my pants, unfortuneately) i would be flattered and think it was sweet. often, when a girl is friends with a guy, she does have feelings 4 him (in fact, i have a friend whos had countless guy friends- all of which shes had a crush on at some point or another. some of which shes dated, and some even 4 long periods of time). but its also true that often girls with male friends just dont c them in a romantic way. but male-female friendships frequently develop in2 romantic relationships. i heard on the radio that there was this 1 girl who was rly good friends with a guy 4 3 years, and now theyre getting married. so that just goes 2 show u, it DOES happen. the “from a friend” line doesnt exactly go with the rose. unless, of course, she a total idiot who cant take a hint. now, im not assuming anything, im just saying that ive met girls like that b4 (and frankly, they annoy me). i may just be a 14-year-old girl with no dating experience, but i know more than most girls my age. i realize that my answer probably isnt ur favorite out of the others, but this is what ive drawn out from what ive seen, read and heard. i cant tell u if i think she likes u or not, as i dont have enough information. i hope i could help, and im sry if i couldnt.


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