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do you have a valentines date?

what are your plans, either answer?
I don’t. I had, and the girl happened to be psychotic. Found out two weeks ago and now I feel too…. disappointed for a plan B.

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18 Responses to “do you have a valentines date?”

  1. ash08love said:

    no, men are jerks and could give a shit less about anything but their peckers

  2. Heather H said:

    i am torn between two.

  3. sandrajeanjb said:

    no plans, but hopefully my hubby will buy me something nice or do something romantic for me!

  4. castle h said:

    I have a date with a block of chocolate and a couple of good movies.

  5. elaine d said:


  6. Michael S said:

    Nope – its hard this year!

  7. alpha66 said:

    skydive with my wife…..I gotta make sure I paid the insurance this month !! lol.

  8. 420 said:

    Yeah, a date with an unopened bottle of Fighting C*ck whiskey, and the date wont be over til the bottle is finished.

  9. Kylie T said:

    no. 🙁
    do you?

  10. hiskonstantine said:

    I have a Valentine.
    It’s our fourth Valentine’s Day together and I’m hoping for an engagement ring this year.

    We don’t really have plans. Probably just watch a movie or cook dinner together or something.

  11. FoundNemo said:

    no. just staying home and watch bball games. one positive is save money (and not wasting on the wrong person). other than that, another lonely valentines =(

  12. nephi_91185 said:

    no, i’m in school and really don’t like valentine’s day.

  13. white_crane68 said:

    Nope , I will be home with the kiddies while hubby is working the night shift.

  14. soccagurl33 said:

    No just haven’t met the special guy and kinda mad im not gonna get any chocolate

  15. torskie said:

    I am going to Put on the smoking jacket, some soft light, a fine wine, soft music and the comfy chair.

    Curl up with this month’s Playboy magazine..

  16. just another girl said:

    Nope, but it’s ok. I mean I had plans with this guy, but let’s just say he turned out to be a jerk, so yeah, I don’t have any. Probably spending the day with my nephew.

  17. Demigodz said:

    This may be pathetic, but I haven’t dated a girl ever, and I’m 14. I wonder if tomorrow’s finally gonna be my lucky day? I’ll have to wait it out and see… what’s kissing a girl like?

  18. Patty said:

    No to both questions-bought myself a diamonds and sapphire ring and am very happy not to have to stress about gifts, what to wear, dinner, a date, and the commercialism of it all. Besides, everyday with your significant other should be special not just on February 14th.


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