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anyone know any sweet msg i could write in my bfs valentine card?

i want something sweet and meaningful,
poems or quotes

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3 Responses to “anyone know any sweet msg i could write in my bfs valentine card?”

  1. Natalie said:

    oh my gosh there’s so many
    best option type love poems straight into google
    and boom you’ll get omg so many great ones to choose from.
    (you dont need any particular sites it so simple trust me)
    few of my favs however are:

    I Will Love You Forever

    I love you so deeply,
    I love you so much,
    I love the sound of your voice
    And the way that we touch.
    I love your warm smile
    And your kind, thoughtful way,
    The joy that you bring
    To my life every day.
    I love you today
    As I have from the start,
    And I’ll love you forever
    With all of my heart.

    Your Name

    I wrote your name in the sky,
    but the wind blew it away.
    I wrote your name in the sand,
    but the waves washed it away.
    I wrote your name in my heart,
    and forever it will stay.

    Love Is …

    Love is the greatest feeling,
    Love is like a play,
    Love is what I feel for you,
    Each and every day,
    Love is like a smile,
    Love is like a song,
    Love is a great emotion,
    That keeps us going strong,
    I love you with my heart,
    My body and my soul,
    I love the way I keep loving,
    Like a love I can’t control,
    So remember when your eyes meet mine,
    I love you with all my heart,
    And I have poured my entire soul into you,
    Right from the very start.


    Love is like a lump of gold,
    Hard to get, and hard to hold.
    Of all the girls I’ve ever met,
    You’re the one I can’t forget.
    I do believe that God above,
    Created you for me to love.
    He chose you from all the rest,
    Because he knew I would love you best.

  2. mag said:

    Hi there..
    here are some quotes or lines that you can use in your valentine card. Actually, you may write these lines as “101 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU.. !!”..

    1.I love the way we finish each other’s sentences.
    2.I love the way I know you’ll never give up on me.
    3.I love the fact that I wouldn’t ever give up on you.
    4.I love the way you look at me.
    5.I love how beautiful your eyes are.
    6.I love the way I can’t imagine a day without you in my life.
    7.I love the way if we were ever separated I wouldn’t know how to go on.
    8.I love the way we cuddle and watch sunsets together.
    9.I love the way we sometimes stay up all night and just talk, then watch the sunrise together.
    10.I love how I know you’ll always be there when I need you to be.
    11.I love the fact that I will always be there for you too.
    12.I love how when I dream of my life partner, the only person that I can see is you.
    13.I love how complete I feel when I am with you.
    14.I love how our bodies just fit together.
    15.I love the way you make me laugh.
    16.I love the way you laugh.
    17.I love the way you won’t compromise yourself when we are together.
    18.I love the way you won’t let me compromise myself.
    19.I love your thoughtfulness.
    20.I love your tenderness.
    21.I love your ability to speak without saying a single word.
    22.I love the way we glance at each other across the room and know what each other is thinking.
    23.I love the way, how even though we may be miles apart I still feel like you’re right here with me.
    24.I love the way you surprise me with the perfect gifts that show you pay attention to me.
    25.I love the way you’ll watch a sporting game with me even though you may not be interested in it.
    26.I love the way you treat my friends.
    27.I love your love for the things that interest me.
    28.I love the way you let me live my life freely without jealousy.
    29.I love how you demand respect but are not controlling.
    30.I love how I would do anything in this world to make you happy.
    31.I love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy.
    32.I love the way your voice sounds over the phone.
    33.I love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
    34.I love the completeness and oneness I feel when we make love.
    35.I love your sensuality.
    36.I love how our romance feels like the perfect romance movie.
    37.I love how you are my soul mate.
    38.I love the way you handle troubled times.
    39.I love the way you respect me.
    40.I love the way you protect and defend me.
    41.I love how you feel when we cuddle.
    42.I love the softness of your lips against mine.
    43.I love the softness of you lips against my body.
    44.I love the feeling of your hair brushing against me when we make love.
    45.I love laying in bed at night talking about nothing.
    46.I love waking up to find we’ve been cuddling together all night.
    47.I love the surprises you leave for me.
    48.I love your intelligence.
    49.I love your ingenuity.
    50.I love your ability to make friends where ever we go.
    51.I love your love for life.
    52.I love your passion for your hobbies and interests.
    53.I love how every time I look at you, you take my breath away.
    54.I love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life.
    55.I love the fact you gave me the gift of our children.
    56.I love the special moments that we shared that will remain my fondest memories of you and I.
    57.I love spending the holidays with the one person I love the most.
    58.I love how my heart skips a beat whenever you walk into the room.
    59.I love how you love me.
    60.I love how I love you.
    61.I love the ways you choose to show your affection for me.
    62.I love the way you inspire me to be more than I am.
    63.I love the way you spark my creativity and imagination.
    64.I love the way you make me feel like anything is possible as long as I’m with you.
    65.I love your sense of humor.
    66.I love the way you make me feel like royalty.
    67.I love the way you dress.
    68.I love your understated elegance.
    69.I love you just the way you are.
    70.I love your spontaneity.
    71.I love our life together.
    72.I love how if I died right now I would be the happiest person alive knowing I found my one true love.
    73.I love the fact that we will grow old together.
    74.I love your way with words.
    75.I love the way you look when your sleeping.
    76.I love the way you think you look awful when you first wake up when it is actually then I find you the most beautiful.
    77.I love your willingness to share everything and most especially your heart with me.
    78.I love your strength of character.
    79.I love taking showers together.
    80.I love the way you leave me love notes to find whenever you’re gone.
    81.I love the way you treat me.
    82.I love the way you take care of us.
    83.I love your cooking.
    84.I love the way you take the time to thank me for doing every day things.
    85.I love t

  3. Powuuch M said:

    Will You Be Mine?

    Valentine, you make me silly;
    You make my heart beat willy-nilly;
    When I’m with you, the world is hazy;
    Valentine, you drive me crazy!

    Valentine, when we’re apart,
    My need for you goes off the chart.
    Will you be mine? Can I be thine?
    Say you’ll be my Valentine!


    What is Love
    Love is the gentle touch with a hint of passion and a soft sprinkle of lust.
    Love is trust.

    Love is holding hands ever so gently under the moon light
    Love is trust

    Love is steering so intently into your lover eyes with the feeling that,
    this is so right.
    Love is a sweet walk in the park with that special someone.
    Love is pain, pleasure and everything nice
    Love is trust.

    Love is loving and caring for you in a very special way.
    Love is remembering the simple and special things we do and say.
    Love is remembering how sweet you are and wishing you


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