Is sending a valentine card to a crush (guy) I don’t know, wierd?

I want to give a valantines day card to this guy that I like at school. I don’t even know his name or anything, i just think he’s cute. I’m really shy and nervous around him, he’s shy too but not as shy as me. I would like to give him a card to let him know that I like him on valentine’s day. but i don’t know if he wants a “secret admirer” or it would come off as creepy or stalker-ish.

I’ve had a crush on him for 3 months. i think he caught me looking at him a few times. One time, he starred/gazed at me for 5-6 seconds.

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2 Responses to “Is sending a valentine card to a crush (guy) I don’t know, wierd?”

  1. jimmi said:

    find out his name first! then it will be ok

  2. StayCAPTIVE said:

    nope thats not creepy or stalker-ish
    it’s a normal thing
    you could always put your name i guess
    but thats the whole point of valentines day
    to show the one you love, how much you love them
    don’t go over the top
    just say like “hey this is your secret admirer & i just wanted to tell you that i have the biggest crush on you”
    ok now i sound stalker-ish
    just put whatever you feel
    it’ll come out natural

    good luck


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