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what can i write on his valentine card that’s mean but….?

not TOO mean. because my teacher said we couldn’t write anything mean on the cards, but there’s this child-molestor dude who growls at me and is very mean and geeky, and i want to write something mean but not explicit on his card. any ideas??
i’m not mean. this geek is actually mean to me, and i like to stand up for myself. plus, he doesn’t care.

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4 Responses to “what can i write on his valentine card that’s mean but….?”

  1. Marla Dinafrio said:

    “this was meant for the guy i like but he’s not here, so….no since in not recycling! Happy V-Day”

  2. MALINA said:

    I rote that on a card to the school bully Noelani and I got detenshun.

  3. αnαвєllє said:

    im only giving this to you because my mom made me.


  4. whodeenee said:

    The morning sun may kiss the grass
    The clock may kiss the hours that pass
    The flowing wine can kiss the glass
    And you my friends…
    may kiss my a s s

  5. sooonchaf said:


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