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what can i write to my valentine on his card?

hes my boyfriend and its our first valentines together.
help ?

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4 Responses to “what can i write to my valentine on his card?”

  1. Matthew J Bell. said:

    To a very special someone,yeah you.

  2. David H said:

    Well you can write a poem not from the internet. Write a poem about his eyes, his laugh, his smile, his hair, or etc! Anything that makes you remind yourself why you like him! You might want to include a teddy bear holding the card in its hands. Good luck!!

  3. eeyore2240 said:

    tell him you Love him and how much you care just your feelings and thoughts on the card is all you need just be romantic say anything really anything you want most cards have a saying and then you just sign your name to it

  4. dousmokedoobies69 said:

    Hi areo21,

    Try Unforgettable sang by Nat & Natalie Cole that will say it all.
    Do you have a favorite song? Especially one that you day dream & night dream of him. Here’s a thought (after you are married & on your wedding day most people have a song for the 1st dance when married to each other). Have a good AM. :0)
    Additional Details: How about you in your birthday suit with red lips stick wrote somewhere special on your self just for him. Music music & more music. We Go Again by White Snake was 1 of my wedding songs.


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