does anyone know how to make “acordian style hearts” for a valentine card?

I want to make some hearts like people make those paper dolls that you can open and they are all in a row. (I wouldn’t mind knowing how to make those either). But I never know how to fold and where to cut.
Your help would be appreciated.
These first 3 have all been very helpfull. Thank you very much!

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3 Responses to “does anyone know how to make “acordian style hearts” for a valentine card?”

  1. Just Jilibean said:
  2. nocando said:

    First of all, practice with inexpensive paper. I use the cartoons of the newspaper sometimes because they are colorful and the kids like them. I decide the size I want my item, in your case, the heart, to be. Say you want it to be 4″ tall. Cut the paper about 5-6″ tall and about 10-15″ wide. Or more, especially if you are practicing. Then fold an amount of paper that would be half the width you want your heart to be. Fold like an accordian or pleat, i.e., back and forth, not end over end. Fold back and forth the same amount of paper until you reach the end. Then take your folded paper and hold it in your less-dominant hand and cut the heart with your dominant hand. You will start on the folded edge at the point that would be the middle of the heart. Cut up and arc it over to near the end of the paper and downward to a point which is on the near bottom of the heart at the folded edge. Let the remains fall off, open your heart and you will have a string of connected hearts. Practice this until you are happy with your work before you use the good paper! You will want to choose paper that is printed the same on each side probably. And choose a light to medium weight paper because if it is too thick it will be difficult to maneuver your scissors and could make funny creases in the paper.

    To make a doll you would want to have her hands and feet on the folded edge, i.e., not the cut part. The head and dress can be cut through.

    This is a difficult thing to instruct without the use of my hands and the actual paper and scissors to show you!! My little grandchildren love the paper dolls and such, even made of the funny papers!

    If you want to make it into a card, use a hole punch to make a hole in the first heart and the last heart, keep them in folded position and tie a ribbon through the holes. Or use a sticker, or put a ribbon around the entire thing. Another fun thing would be to put it in an envelope and when opened it would kind of all pop open! Like the worm in a can thing!

    Have fun!! If you need further instructions, let me know.

  3. dollydaydream111 said:

    I think I know what you’re asking.?
    Take a sheet of A4 copy paper(use this until you get it right) Place the paper Landscape (longest going across as you look at it)
    Make even fold in paper. one over, one under like a fan or as you call it a concertina. when you gently pull the ends outwards.
    when you get this bit the right size and the number you want. Then
    take a pencil and with all the folds closed up, so that you are looking at just the one section.
    leave on the edge around the middle part then draw your heart shape
    you then cut around Leaving about a thumb width at 3&9 O’clock. this is the part that will keep it all joined together.
    It is very complicated to try to explain, but simple to show you. draw the heart small for this practice, so that you will get a string of them. the size of fold dictates the size of heart. Hope this is what you want. Good Luck


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