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What is the perfect valentines gift for your girlfriend?

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2 Responses to “What is the perfect valentines gift for your girlfriend?”

  1. Ukrainka said:

    something home made.Whatever your good at making. One thing i saw a guy give his girl was a wooden “jewelery box” and he decorated and made it himself. On the front, he wrote “The most beautiful girl in the world and put a bunch of pictures inside of it of her.” just an idea.

  2. Dianna V said:

    Women like to be surprised, at least I do! Flowers? NO, not for me. I’d rather get a plant that will last longer than roses. Clothes? Probably bad, especially if you get the wrong size and style.

    Maybe a gift card, or take her to a fancy restaurant, or a play. I don’t know, be creative so it will be unique!


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