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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for My Girlfriend?

Well obviously Valentines Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get my girlriend. I don’t really want to give her flowers or chocolate because thats kinda old and cheesy. Also I should point out that she’s in 7th grade and I’m in 9th (DO NOT JUDGE ME). What would be a good gift?


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4 Responses to “Valentines Day Gift Ideas for My Girlfriend?”

  1. JayJe said:

    Do you love her? Like really and truly love her. Cause if you do, you have to ask her mom to take her out for a little bit, then you spell out the words I love you on her driveway so when she comes back it’s all lite up at night.

    My friend got asked to Prom last year like this. Everyone loved it!
    Another idea is balloons in order that say that. I had another friend that got asked to Homecoming like this, it was on her band locker.
    The same friend that got asked to Prom got asked to homecoming with Cupcakes that said “Will you go to Homecoming with me?” You can change up the words.

    Be creative. Think of things she will never forget.

    I would say a simple card that says “The only way I can express how much I really love you is a simple card. I don’t need to say anything more to prove to you how much you mean to me.”, but people these days need big stuff. I don’t see why. If the card has thought and meaning, that should be enough. You don’t have to prove yourself to someone if you truly mean it.

    Hope this helped with ideas!!

    And don’t forget to take pictures or her reactions to whatever you’re doing and everything.

  2. Larkin L said:

    Card, perfume, teddy bear

    Mad Love Bath Confetti $2.50 for a bag at Pier One Imports

    Make-a-Wish Necklace Come with different charms – heart, star, wishbone, key, robin, apple, sand dollar, feather, 4 leaf clover

  3. Lucretia said:

    You might want to get her a cute card and maybe a CD of her favorite band.This way when she plays it she’ll think of you.I know what you mean about flowers there good for a few days then have to get tossed away.Chocolates have been done to death …

  4. Laura Cowler said:

    maybe a fair ivy surprise package subscription? If she loves getting mail and surprises, anyway 🙂
    She might flip out cause none of her friends will be getting these either

    I got these from my bf and really enjoyed them. Its also cause she gets a new surprsie package every month so it feels like you’re constantly buying her new sweet things 🙂


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